Positive Review For Michigan’s Supreme Court

October 10, 2008

Matthew Schneider, a visiting professor at Michigan’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School, has just issued a serious, scholarly analysis of Michigan’s Supreme Court.  Among his conclusions:

… there is broad agreement among conservative legal scholars that Michigan’s highest court has greatly advanced the delicate art of being faithful to the law while, at the same time, giving respect for the proper balance between the branches of government and the rights of the people.

In his analysis, published by the Federalist Society, Professor Schneider credits Michigan’s current Supreme Court with curbing the activist agenda many justices brought to the bench beginning in 1970.  For two decades, until the election of Governor John Engler, judicial activism reigned, with justices routinely “overruling and disregarding long-standing court decisions in certain politically-sensitive or policy-oriented areas of the law.”

Professor Schneider’s important new study should be required reading for anyone seeking to understand why Michigan’s high court is consistently rated among the best in the nation

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