The Detroit News Endorses Taylor

October 13, 2008

The Detroit News is out with a strong editorial endorsing the re-election of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Clifford Taylor.  (Full disclosure:  my wife, Colleen, is managing Chief Justice Taylor’s campaign).  Some highlights:

The chief justice is one of a group of jurists who in recent years changed the direction of the court – mostly for the better.

The Supreme Court’s majority, including Taylor, have come under a lot of criticism from those who wish the court would return to being more friendly to trial lawyers.  But the voters have rendered their verdicts on all of the majority’s members at least once.

Judge Hathaway [Taylor’s opponent] … favored the ill-advised Reform Michigan Government Now! ballot proposal, which was ruled off this fall’s ballot by both the appellate and Supreme Court.  The plan’s backers admitted in their own presentations, after all, that the proposal was designed to tilt state government in favor of one political party.

Our support goes to Clifford Taylor.

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3 Responses to “The Detroit News Endorses Taylor”

  1. Joe Lukasiewicz on October 14th, 2008 12:56 pm

    Chief Justice Taylor’s court was deemed the worst in the nation according to a recent University of Chicago Law School study. He presides over the most partisan court in Michigan’s history, overturning precedent and clearly beholden to big business as evidenced in his complicity with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the legal defeat of the Reform Michigan Government Now petition initiative which garnered 500,000 petition signatures and approved by the Michigan Bureau of Elections. He runs an activist court and with the strike down of the RMGN initiative, has violated the state constitution by setting an arbitrary litmus test for all future initiatives and referendum.

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  3. Dan Pero on October 14th, 2008 7:58 pm

    It’s hardly surprising that a Democrat political operative like Joseph Lukasiewicz would throw a tantrum over my post on the Detroit News’ endorsement of Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Clifford Taylor. Mr. Lukasiewicz, after all, was head honcho for the secretive, partisan, dishonest, discredited, unconstitutional RMGN ballot initiative aimed at seizing control of Michigan’s courts and turning the entire state government over to his party. In the unlikely event that his piece of fiction won any converts, let me clear up a few of his erroneous rants for our other readers.

    First, the 1998-2000 Michigan Supreme Court “deemed the worst in the nation” according to a University of Chicago Law School’s unpublished, draft study was NOT the Taylor court; it was controlled by Democrats Conrad Mallet and Sometimes Republican Betty Weaver. The four justices that make up today’s court majority – Taylor, Markman, Young and Corrigan – were not even on the court for 60% of the time the study covered. Second, the Supreme Court ruling that tossed Mr. Lukasiewicz’s ballot initiative in the garbage can was neither activist nor partisan; in fact, the 6-1 decision included both Democrat and Republican justices – a stunning bipartisan rebuke of Mr. Lukasiewicz, the Michigan Democratic Party and anyone else scheming to shred Michigan’s Constitution for raw political purposes.