NAACP “Considering Legal Action” Against Florida “Merit” Panel To Gain Access to “Secret Deliberations”

February 18, 2009

“Merit” selection is under fire again in Florida – this time by civil rights leaders at the NAACP.  An AP story in the Orlando Sentinel reports that the NAACP is “considering legal action” against Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal judicial nominating commission.  According to the article, NAACP lawyer Chuck Hobbs

“… is considering legal action to support [Governor] Crist’s effort to appoint minority judges to the 5th District Court of Appeals….Crist asked the panel to send him a more diverse list, but it refused.

“The first step would be to seek an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court on whether Crist can replace entire nominating commissions, Hobbs said.  He said the NAACP then may sue to obtain records and other information about the panel’s secret deliberations …”

The same article also reports that Governor Crist is “getting pressure from opposite ends of the political spectrum over a pending appointment” to the Florida Supreme Court.  Interest groups lobbying Crist include the NAACP, Florida Family Action and the National Rifle Association.

So much for “merit” selection taking politics out of the judicial selection system.

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