Bringing ACORN-Style Elections to Colorado

April 13, 2010

Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher and Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll have cooked up a scheme that could bring ACORN-style election fraud to the Centennial State, reports the Colorado Statesman.   A draft bill would allow same-day voter registration and liberalize the rules for mail-in ballots – two loopholes groups like ACORN have used to commit voter fraud in many states. 

Speaker Carroll claimed the bill was drafted “at the behest of county clerks” who are charged with administering the state’s elections.  But Karen Long, president of the clerk’s association disavowed any involvement, writing in an email that clerks have “not been at the drafting table on this bill.”  Both Carroll and Secretary of State Buescher refused to identify even one clerk involved with the bill’s drafting.  One clerk willing to speak up called the bill “horrible” and claimed clerks were being pressured to support same-day voter registration to get changes in mail-in ballots they desire. 

In the 2008 elections, ACORN was accused of voter fraud in 12 states; in Nevada alone, ACORN employees were indicted on 26 charges of voter fraud.  Is this really a list Colorado wants to join?

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