Jet-Setting Trial Lawyers

May 4, 2010

Earlier this year, the trial bar scored a big victory at the expense of doctors and patients when both the House and Senate balked at including medical liability reform in health care reform legislation.

Today, the Altanta Journal Constitution offers an up-close look at two of the trial lawyers helping to drive health care premiums higher.

The AJC profiles Tommy and Adam Malone, the father-son trial-lawyer dynamic duo. It was in ruling this spring on one of Adam Malone’s cases that the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the state’s pain and suffering awards cap.

In between flights on their private planes and visits to homes in the Bahamas and Palm Beach, the two convince Georgia juries to award their clients multi-million dollar verdicts.

Their take?  40%.

The AJC cites one of Tommy Malone’s tried and true lines used in several closing arguments:

“In his closing, [Tommy] Malone mentioned a Van Gogh painting that had sold for $53 million. ‘Mere paint on canvas,’ he said. His client was ‘a precious child, one of the greatest works of the greatest master of all time.’ It’s an argument he’s made in other cases.”

And here’s another Malone line the AJC quotes – one that’s perhaps a little less golden…but still effective:

“‘In cross-examination, Malone noted that a doctor testifying for the defense was a conscientious objector during Vietnam. ‘When your country needed you, you dodged service,’ Malone told the witness, who became visibly irate, Malone recalled.”

Tommy Malone’s verdicts include a couple awards “north of $45 million”; Adam Malone is fresh off his own recent $24.5 million verdict in Albany.

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