Elections Make the Difference in Louisiana

February 21, 2011

Louisiana has long been a legal backwater, famed for tort-friendly courts and a legislature bent on protecting its trial bar allies.  A few years back, a group called the LCRM – the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority – was formed to help recruit and train candidates who understand the link between a fair, predictable legal climate and a state environment capable of generating growth and jobs.  The group I lead in my non-blogging life – the American Justice Partnership – was an early partner in this effort.

Over the weekend, Republican Jonathan Perry captured a vacant Senate seat, giving Republicans control of the state Senate for the first time in modern history.  As U.S. Senator David Vitter, the driving force behind LCRM, put it, “when we formed LCRM just a few years ago, a majority in the House seemed to many a pipedream – a majority in the Senate an impossibility.  Now we have both, along with every statewide elected office.”

Time now for Louisiana’s new majority to get down to the business of undoing decades of trial lawyers’ damage to the state’s courts.

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