The Intimidation Campaign Against Corporate First Amendment Rights

March 19, 2012

A Wall Street Journal editorial lifts the rock on the “campaign by unions, left-wing activists (including George Soros’s Open Society Institute) and their factotums to expose and then vilify companies that disagree with them” – a campaign dedicated to “stop[ping] companies from exercising their free-speech rights to influence government.”

Like the Soros-financed “merit” selection scam, the assault on corporate speech is cloaked in poll-tested, good-government goo-gooism – in this case, a demand for “disclosure” on what companies spend on politics.  But as the Journal points out, the data dump on corporate giving “serves no one save the political activists who can use it as a PR club to harass companies until they stop donating.”

“Businesses are arguably taking more risk by trying to dodge policy debates.  When government of one kind or another controls 40% of the private economy, a business that doesn’t participate in politics either directly, or indirectly through a trade group, is a patsy for the next Congressional or regulatory shakedown.  And it is leaving the policy field open to domination by unions, the Sierra Club and billionaires like George Soros and Peter Lewis.”

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