Update on the Next Citizens United

May 31, 2012

George Will has a must read column on the attempt by the Montana Supreme Court to defy the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision.  While the Professional Left, including Justice at Stake, is hoping the Supreme Court will use the Montana case to overturn Citizens United, Will writes that reasons to reverse the decision are “nonexistent” and suggests “there is no evidence for [opponents'] assertion that 2012 has been dominated by corporate money unleashed” by the case.

Of the more than $96 million collected by Super PACs supporting Republican presidential candidates through March 31, over 86% has been contributed by individuals and less than 1% from public companies.  According to Senator Mitch McConnell, “not a single one of the Fortune 100 companies has contributed a cent” to any of these Super PACs.  So much for the claim that corporate money would flood political races.

As Will points out:

The “media and liberal anxiety was not conspicuous in 2004, when George Soros spent $24 million supporting Democratic candidates.  Back then, the liberal/media complex embraced this Supreme Court principle enunciated in 1976:  ‘The concept that government may restrict the speech of some elements of our society in order to enhance the relative voice of others is wholly foreign to the First Amendment.’”

Will suggests that the Professional Left’s “concentration on rigging the rules of political persuasion” are directly related to the “collapse of … confidence in their ability to persuade” voters to accept their candidates.  This is the same game the Soros-funded “merit” selection gang plays when they try to restrict public participation in judicial selection:  They hate the judges people vote for … so they use “merit” selection and other tactics to rig the rules to keep ordinary citizens on the sidelines.

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