It’s For The Children! Florida Supremes Make Their Case

October 19, 2012

Three Florida Supreme Court Justices campaigning to save their jobs argued their case for retention in an interview out today.

Justice Pariente based her retention hopes on having “championed the cause of families and children” and her fight to “ensure that those cases are given the highest priority in the circuit courts.”  She also thought voters should retain her because she is “a mother of three and a grandmother of eight,” as well as a “breast cancer survivor.”  Justice Lewis also appealed to “the work that I do not only in the court system but for the children all across the state of Florida.”

While these are certainly admirable personal qualities, what exactly do they have to do with being an effective judge?  To be fair, both Justice Lewis and Justice Quince spoke about their commitment to impartiality and upholding the rule of law.  But when state Supreme Court justices are reduced to arguing voters need to keep them in office “for the children,” you know it’s well past time to shake up Florida bench.

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