The Dog That Didn’t Bark

November 30, 2012

When it comes to protecting the integrity of Michigan’s judiciary, Justice at Stake and the entire George Soros-bankrolled “merit” selection campaign has become the dog that didn’t bark.

Two of the leading blogs for the campaign – gavelgrab and judgesonmerit – have barely commented on Michigan Justice Diane Hathaway’s real estate scam, which benefitted her to the tune of $600,000.  Even Sandra Day O’Connor, who is fawningly portrayed in the media as so bold and courageous when it comes to rooting out the mere appearance of impropriety in our courts, cowers in silence when real impropriety rears its head.

Like the famous dog that didn’t bark in Sherlock Holmes, the silence of the “merit” selection gang is a critical clue that reveals the campaign’s true purpose.  The “merit” selection gang oozes with self-righteousness about safeguarding the reputation of our courts.  But as the Hathaway case clearly demonstrates, when you strip away the pretense, “merit” selection only goal is to see more liberal, activist judges on the bench.

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