Justice Hathaway Could and Should Face Criminal Chargers

January 9, 2013

After resigning in the face of what the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission called “blatant and brazen violations” of the judicial code of conduct, outgoing Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway now faces the possibility of criminal charges for her fraudulent real estate dealings, according to WXYZ legal analysts.  WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton reported:

“Although the resignation may eliminate some of the Judicial Tenure issues – it will not eliminate any potential criminal issues and it will not eliminate the fact that she is still being sued by the federal government.”

In a truly unbelievable display of arrogance, Hathaway attorney Steve Fishman actually chastised the nonpartisan Judicial Tenure Commission for issuing its complaint, suggesting the Commission simply “felt the need to embarrass and humiliate [Hathaway].”  Of course, anyone who bothers reading the searing 19-page complaint, with its meticulous tick-tock of Hathaway’s bank fraud, tax fraud, money laundering and bald-faced misrepresentations, will immediately see that she is the one guilty of embarrassing and humiliating Michigan’s entire judicial system with her misconduct.

As I told the Detroit News, Hathaway’s resignation should not enable her to simply walk away from her potentially criminal dealings.  Al Capone went away for less.

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