A Primer on Need for Reform in Kansas

February 1, 2013

Stephen Ware, a Professor of Law at the University of Kansas School of Law, lifts of the rock on the state’s “merit” selection system. In an interview with KAKE TV, Ware says the current system has three flaws:  1) It’s undemocratic; 2) It’s extreme; 3) It’s secretive.

As Ware points out, the big question when it comes to “merit” selection is “who picks the pickers” – namely the powerful members of the judicial nominating commission who really hand out the black robes in Kansas.  According to Ware, a majority of the commission is chosen by only about 10,000 members of the Kansas Bar, while millions of Kansas voters have no say whatsoever.

Although I prefer democratic election of judges, rather than Ware’s preferred option of a federal system, Ware does a great job coolly shredding “merit” selection and laying out the case for reform.  Must see TV.

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