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How to find a lawyer – General tips

States in America have varying rules and regulatory provisions for personal injury or accident cases and compensatory claims that may arise from them. Whenever a person suffers an injury or accident, he or she may be entitled to compensation for such loss or diminished quality of life. Reliefs for injury are in form of monetary compensation (damages) designed to put a victim in the position he or she would be in if the injury had never occurred.

Personal injury takes into consideration how the injurious event affects the body, mind or emotions (non-economic damages); encompassing bodily injury, mental anguish, sickness, diseases, shock or disability as oppose to injury done to properties. A personal injury lawsuit may therefore be instituted in any event involving road traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, assault claims, work accidents, professional malpractices, premises liability and product defects.

8 Mistakes to be avoided following your involvement in an accident or Injury event:

  1. Failing to diagnose your injury could lead to underestimating your injuries. Some injuries take time to manifest and symptoms might not be apparent initially.
  2. Avoid delays and take action before the deadline stipulated by the Statute of limitation to prevent loss of crucial evidence that may easily be lost.
  3. Do not deal directly with Insurance companies.
  4. Failing to involve the Police and file a police report can be detrimental for your case. This is a legal requirement and a report from police investigation is credible evidence.
  5. Do not admit fault before discussing with an Accident Lawyer.
  6. Failure to collect evidence immediately weakens the credibility of evidence in some cases and sometimes resulting in their loss.
  7. Accepting settlement abruptly without a professional evaluation from insurance companies or the injuring party because once you settle, the case may not be reopened. You are likely getting less compensation than you deserve.
  8. Failing to contact a personal injury Attorney is every defendant’s joy, as the chances of your claim or compensation as a Plaintiff may diminish.

Always make sure to consult a Personal Injury Attorney before making an Insurance Claim or proceeding to Court, your Lawyer can provide appropriate guidance in these circumstances. Explore our comprehensive listing of top notch Accident Lawyers and hire the best-fit Attorney for your case!

Duty if care

The law imposes certain levels of duty of care; generally, not to act carelessly and negligently in several circumstances. Some of the necessary elements of this duty includes;

  1. The injuring party must have been in a position such that they could have foreseeably refrained or acted in a manner. This could either arise from intentional injury, negligence, recklessness and or Strict liability.  In circumstances where there is no duty of care, an award for damages is much less likely. An Accident Lawyer or Law firm in New York can be very useful in helping you determine if you are owed a duty of care, level of duty and extent of breach.
  2. The Court takes into consideration if there is a breach of duty of care, which increases the chances of making a valid claim for compensation. For instance, if Vehicle A runs a red light and accidentally collides with Vehicle B who had the green light. Vehicle A will be likely held negligently liable because he ought to know his actions posed risk to other drivers and should have complied with traffic regulations.
  3. In Court, the Plaintiff has to prove that the negligence of the Defendant actually resulted in the injury and proving this is important in bringing a successful claim.

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