Keeping An Eye On The Secretary Of State Project

October 1, 2009

The Secretary of State Project is rattling the tin cup for Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and SOS challengers Debra Bowen in California and Jocelyn Benson in Michigan.  The hope is that Bowen and Benson can do what Ritchie did in Minnesota:  tip close elections, such as the Franken-Coleman race, in favor of their preferred candidate.

Ritchie, of course, was elected with SOS Project funding and quickly abandoned any pretense of running fair elections.  According to Jeff Davis, president of the legislative watchdog group Minnesota Majority, Ritchie blocked an investigation of ACORN, which had endorsed him, despite evidence of “a number of irregularities” in Minnesota voter records – little things like dead people and convicted felons registering from prison.  I guess the 2008 election was a two-fer for Ritchie as far as the SOS Project was concerned:  He kept ACORN in the game and played a major role in tilting the election to Al Franken.

Like other groups funded by hedge fund billionaire George Soros – such as Justice at Stake – the SOS Project poses as a non-partisan, good government organization whose only ambition is to ensure clean elections.  And, as with other Soros-bankrolled groups, this pose is used to shield the deeply partisan nature of the organization.  I wonder if Bowen and Benson know that sweeping ACORN’s fraudulent activities under the rug is part of the job description for candidates taking $$ from the SOS Project.

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One Response to “Keeping An Eye On The Secretary Of State Project”

  1. alyssa on October 1st, 2009 9:35 pm

    yeah we should be able to keep a close eye on all of the people in charge of this country.

    I bet they all dip in and use their power to their advantage.

    it is probably very tempting, we would like to say we wouldnt do it, but if we had the opportunity, and knew we would get away with it it would be a different story.

    It would be very hard to resist, guess nobody can be trusted.