The uncertainty that follows an injury can be scary
and the prospect of litigation intimidating.

American Courthouse is a website full of useful
free resources to guide you through this process.

From personal injury lawsuit to insurance claim,
we provide tutorial and tools such as :

We have a large collection of professional guides that helps you estimate how much you are entitled to and whether or not it makes sense to sue.

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American Courthouse offers grants, resources and publishing opportunities to law students looking to specialize in personal injury related areas. Visit our student center to know more.
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 American Courthouse is an independent legal resources organization dedicated to supporting accident victims. Here, you can find documentation, data and guides that help you navigate the complexity of accident claims and lawsuits. American Courthouse is supported by a selected group of injury lawyers with expertise in each type of personal injury law. It is entirely your decision whether or not to work with an attorney listed on our website, but we are committed to working with reputable law firms and welcome any feedback you may have on one of our partners. We recommend you reach out to one of these attorneys directly for any legal question about your case, they are well equipped to help you!