Lerach Still Enjoys Lap Of Luxury

May 28, 2010

This week Don Bauder of The San Diego Reader reviewed the recent book Circle of Greed, which chronicles the career of San Diegan ex-con William Lerach.  In addition to providing the  juicy details of how Lerach shook down corporations for hundreds of millions of dollars, Bauder reports that Lerach is comfortably enjoying life outside the pokey:

Now he is out, residing comfortably in one of the county’s most luxurious spreads, a cliffside villa in La Jolla. He is worth an estimated $700 million. The government made him pay a mere $7.5 million for his crimes. The profane, volatile, bullying Scotch guzzler and work addict — now on his fourth marriage — can no longer practice law but is preparing to teach a course at the University of California Irvine School of Law.

In describing the book, Bauder quotes co-author Patrick Dillon: “The book is not so much about the lawyers but about the business of the law.”  And, Bauder writes, “It’s a tawdry business.”

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2 Responses to “Lerach Still Enjoys Lap Of Luxury”

  1. Ivan L Fail on May 31st, 2010 12:23 pm

    The term “Circle Of Greed” is not only the title of a book, it is also the perfect term via which to describe the ethical lows to which America’s “finger pointing”, corporate , political, judicial and free enterprise culture in general has sunk to in the quest for power , fun, fame and fortune.

    This societal malignancy permeates the politics of both major parties, the judiciary and frivolous lawsuit legal profession in general as well as much of our “free enterprise system” where “candor, truth and integrity” are the first casualties” in the unholy trinity of politics, law and free enterprise. The greed driven accountability avoidance, finger pointing hypocrisy of career politicians of both parties, frivolous lawsuit industry trial lawyers and “free enterprise Fat Cats” who will stoop to any low to raise their bottom line –, is directly responsible for much if not most of the contempt that “rank and file Americans” have for the “status quo”. Candor and truth in politics, law, advertising and marketing is about as extinct as extinct can be.

    The staccato blitz of non-understandable “speed speech”, accountability avoidance “disclaimer/disclosures at the end of radio/TV commercials hawking goods and services defines the dubious “integrity” of modern American “free enterprise”.

    That is why the term “Circle of Greed” should always be referenced when discussing America’s politicians, lawyers and “free wheeling, free enterprise” culture which wouldn’t understand candor and truth in plain simple, easy to understand layman’s language if it “walked up and spat in their face”.

    Perhaps we’ve been down this road before because an ancient proverb perfectly illustrates the values, agenda’s and politics of both major parties, most attorneys and politicians and much of corporate America in general. That proverb is “the pot is calling the kettle black”.

    Ivan L Fail
    Sparta, Missouri

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