Elections a Big Victory for Judicial Accountability

November 3, 2010

In addition to sending shock waves through Washington, voters on Tuesday sent another clear and unambiguous message:  We want judges to be accountable to the people they serve. 

In Nevada, voters crushed a ballot proposal that would have stripped them of their democratic right to vote for judges and transferred power to a tiny cabal of legal elites.  With two-thirds of precincts reporting, according to a Las Vegas Sun report Question 1 was getting hammered 58% to 42%.  Apparently, Sandra Day O’Connor’s incessant lobbying and 1:00 am robocalls backfired disastrously. 

In Iowa, in a push-back against judicial arrogance, voters dumped three sitting Supreme Court justices who were up for retention – the first time in history that any justice lost a retention election.  Voter outrage erupted when an activist court overstepped its authority by overturning the legislature’s ban on gay marriage and forcing the state to grant marriage licenses to gay couples. 

In Michigan, conservatives regained control of the Supreme Court, with Robert Young and Mary Beth Kelly defeating trial lawyer-backed opponents.  Rule of law justices will once again be a majority on Michigan’s high court. 

(For additional state court election results, I recommend Ed Whelan/Gary Marx’s updates over at Bench Memos and the Legal Newsline’s rundown.)

As a recent report by the American Justice Partnership (which I run) reveals, the uber-liberal Open Society Institute has spent over $45 million in the last decade in an attempt to fundamentally alter America’s judiciary.  Every so-called “reform” the Soros-bankrolled network and its leader, Justice at Stake, support, including “merit” selection, is aimed at reducing the power and input of ordinary citizens when it comes to deciding who will serve us on the bench.  On Tuesday, voters loudly proclaimed that even George Soros’ millions can’t buy our courts.

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