Shock Justice At Stake Poll!! Wisconsinites Hate “Merit” Selection

July 27, 2011

Justice at Stake is peddling the results of a new poll it financed that it claims demonstrates a “plunge” in public approval for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.  Of course, the mainstream media dutifully reported the story exactly as it was spoon-fed to them by Justice at Stake.  
Wisconsinites were asked whether they approved or disapproved of the job the state Supreme Court is doing.  Given the recent turmoil in the state – a tough Supreme Court campaign, a controversial 4-3 ruling upholding Governor Walker’s union reforms and “he said/she said” reports of physical altercations between justices – it’s something of a surprise that the poll results show an approve/disapprove spread of a measly 6 percentage points (33 percent approve/39 percent disapprove).  That’s tighter than the 9-point differential in President Obama’s job approval rating in today’s Rasmussen survey.  In other words, Wisconsin’s Supremes are making out better than the president!  

What’s even more surprising is that “merit” selection continues to bomb among Wisconsin voters despite the alleged crisis of confidence in the state’s judiciary.  Although Justice at Stake tried to bury the fact in its press release, a stunning 59 percent of voters oppose “merit” selection, compared to a paltry 23 percent that support it.  What’s absolutely stunning – stunning! – is that this result came after a series of the most slanted, biased, prejudicial questions that all but put a gun to the respondents’ heads to try to persuade them to support “merit” selection. 

  • In Q8, poll takers are told Wisconsin Supreme Court races have become “some of the nastiest in the country, full of misleading ads and accusations of race baiting” that “compromis[e] the fairness and impartiality of Wisconsin’s courts.”
  • In Q9, they hear that the Supreme Court is “dysfunctional” and that one justice called another a “profane word” and “threatened to destroy her.”
  • In Q10, they learn that one justice “physically assaulted” – an incident “under investigation by law enforcement.” 
  • Even after hearing all THAT, in Q12, Wisconsin voters STILL reject “merit” selection by more than 2.5:1.  

I can just see the pollsters struggling to explain the results to a furious Bert Brandenburg and the rest of the JAS crowd … “Uhhhh … ahhhh … we’re really sorry, Mr. Brandenburg.  We rigged the poll as best we could, but ordinary people just seem to hate ‘merit’ selection.”

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