10 Most Unusual Laws in Florida

10 Most Unusual Laws in Florida

Samarth Chaddha, Attorney

Florida, for many, is one of the states in the U.S. known for its amazing beaches, and community life. However, it is also home to one of the strangest laws in the world. Here, are ten most unusual laws in the state of Florida, and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Dwarf Tossing: If you own a bar, and people are caught dwarf-tossing, you can fine them $1,000. This is because such an activity is seen as degrading to the dignity of dwarfs, and thus attracts a fine much like many other countries do as well. However, this law also denies many other dwarfs that actually would like to get tossed, perhaps as a form of entertainment during bars and clubs. However, it is a good idea not to toss any little person, as this will attract a fine.


  • Rolling Barrels: Rolling a barrel down a street is considered illegal in some parts of Florida, such as Pensacola. Such activity can actually attract a fine. If the contents of the barrel are heavy, and weigh a lot then you may face a fine. If not, you may just face a warning and be let go. However, the fact that this activity is potentially illegal means you should advise children and other younger adults who may roll barrels down during festivities, or perhaps because they simply do not know any better. It is not clear whether if you were rolling a barrel, and the barrel slipped from your hands and went onto a street – whether such activity would attract a fine. Hence, with barrels, better to be careful.


  • Illegal Singing: It is actually illegal to sing in the state of Florida when you are in your swimsuit. Hence, any time a person is on a beach party and is caught singing, they may actually be guilty of breaking this law. Also, if you are caught singing along to the radio whilst walking by yourself, you may have to contact a defense attorney to know more about your options. Hence, it might be a good idea to avoid singing in public at all, even if you feel like it or have a habit of doing so. At the very least, avoid singing at that beach party, or better yet, don’t wear a swimsuit if you think you may end up singing.


  • Sleeping while getting a Haircut: Make sure to get a good night’s rest before you go for a haircut. In Florida, it is actually illegal to sleep while getting a haircut, or when you are under a hairdryer. This applies equally to both men and women. Hence, even a quick nap might find you breaking the law. If you are caught sleeping by the authorities, this can lead to a fine for both you and the salon owner. Hence, if you are feeling sleepy you may need to avoid getting a haircut at that time, else there is a risk of being fined.


  • Pay to Park your Pet: Whether you have a pet elephant or a pet alligator, you have to pay, in the state of Florida, for its parking spot. If you actually end up using a physical parking spot for your pet, and you haven’t actually parked your vehicle there in that spot, you will be fined. Hence, it is best to pay for your parking spot as well as another one, to keep your pet. This way, there will be no risk of breaking the law, as skipping the parking meter is equivalent to breaking the law in Florida.


  • License to Skateboard: To skateboard in the state of Florida, you may not need a driver’s license, but a special type of license that allows skateboarders to skateboard freely. Hence, in a city such as Orlando, Florida it is illegal to skateboard on a public sidewalk. In fact, skateboarding on government property is also illegal. Thus, if you want to skateboard you should make use of the special license, or avoid skateboarding on public sidewalks as this will be seen as a breach of the licensing rules.


  • Public Morals: It is illegal in the state of Florida, to be ‘corrupt’ one’s public morals. However, there is ambiguity in the law as to what constitutes ‘corrupting’ public morals. This is usually any act that can outrage public decency or affect the peace and quiet of ordinary persons. This also extends to those people who engage in public fights or brawls outside public places such as bars and clubs. A public fight or brawl can also qualify as a ‘riot’ which can attract more serious proceedings than a misdemeanor charge.


  • Selling Oranges: It is illegal to sell oranges on the side of Miami Beach, a popular tourist attraction in Florida. One would have thought that a fruit like an orange would be very popular during the tourist season, but if one is caught selling oranges on the sidewalk – this can actually lead to a fine! Hence, any plans you had to open up an orange vendor cart in Miami, during Spring Break may have to be put to rest.


  • Illegal Farting in Public: It is actually illegal to fart in a public place after 6PM in Florida. While this law may be hard to enforce, it is a good idea to avoid farting in a public place as it may attract a penalty for you. In fact, people do not understand what is more interesting – the fact that one cannot fart, or the fact that you cannot do so after 6PM.


  • Selling your kids: It is pretty sad that a law needs to be put down for this, but this may have been to discourage people looking at their children as an income source when things get really bad. Hence, in the state of Florida it is not permissible to sell your children for money, as this is seen as a violation of the law.


It is important to be abreast of such laws when living or visiting Florida. However, one may also need to realize that sometimes certain laws affect only certain cities, whilst others may affect the entire state. Awareness is key, as ignorance of the law is no excuse.