Students Center

American Courthouse offers a wide array of resources to law students. From grants to paid writing gigs to scholarships, we are here for you.

American Courthouse supports aspiring lawyers.

Becoming the best lawyer requires hard work, passion and dedication. Here at American Courthouse we seek to help with free resources such as articles and tutorials, grants, paid writing gigs and essay competition. Last but not least, if you can think of ways to collaborate with us, always feel free to contact us with you idea or project!

Blogger opportunity

Let’s face it, the law can be complex. Students who have strong writing skills and can transform esoteric case studies into easy to understand real life information tend to become successful attorneys. Show off your skills to future employers while you make money.

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Scholarship programs

We love to work with law schools to fund scholarship programs! If your school is training personal injury lawyers and is accepting sponsors and scholarship benefactors, contact us to make it happen! We will fund up to $25,000 per program and are starting our discussion with several institutions.