Weird Laws in Arizona

Weird Laws in Arizona

Arizona, a southwestern U.S. state, is best known for the Grand Canyon. The heart of the Wild West, home to the Grand Canyon, the red rocks of Sedona has its attractions. But when it comes to the laws of Arizona, things get bizarre. That’s why we have named this article – Weird Laws in America.

Law advances over time as society transposes. However, some unusual laws still exist in many places, including this south-western state. Not all of these laws are enforceable. But some of these unexpected laws can leave you wondering how lawmakers passed those laws in the first place. Take a glance at some of the most unusual rules in Arizona State, county, and city law.

Strange Laws in Arizona

No spitting in public places

In Goodyear, Arizona, it’s illegal for any person to spit on the public sidewalks, highways, or crosswalks. It’s also illegal to spit on any public path or in a park or public building. If you spit outside a public building like city hall, you could be found guilty. The fine could be up to $2,500 or six months in prison. Some people think this weird Arizona law should be enforced in many other places. No one should neglect personal hygiene and public health. Particularly our current situation validates that!

Don’t dig up and move a cactus

Arizona’s most popular plants are the diverse cacti. Arizona loves its cacti population in a way that someone can face up to 25 years in prison for cutting one cactus down. Also, the endangered Saguaro Cactus is considered a state treasure. They require extra protection. To protect this state treasure, Arizonians passed this law to protect it.

Don’t manufacture imitation drugs

Cocaine is a drug that people can easily confuse for flour, sugar, or any white powder. Creating imitation drugs like cocaine is a class 6 felony in Arizona. If you intend to manufacture, distribute, or possess imitation drugs, you can face serious consequences. A person can’t manufacture, distribute, or possess with intent to distribute an imitation controlled substance.

Don’t take a game bird, game mammal, or game fish

Are you a hunter? Arizona follows the oldest rules of sustainability in the case of hunting. There are a few things you should know. First, in Arizona, it’s illegal to take a game bird, game mammal, or game fish. You’re not allowed to take the big game with the aid of dogs. There are exceptions too. Among big games, bears or mountain lions are allowed.

Don’t Interfere With Crane Games

There are crane games in supermarkets, pizza places, and movie theatres. There you can pay money and the big crane hand comes down and grabs you a toy. These games are difficult to win. Well, don’t even think about rigging one of those. It’s unlawful. Even manufacturers or machine owners cannot tamper with the machine to make it more challenging to win a prize. Also, you cannot misrepresent the value of crane game prizes. So, do you think that this rule is the top one among all the weird laws in Arizona?

Don’t ignore The Stupid Motorist Law

Do you drive on a flooded road? If you know the road is barricaded by officials, then you should better be ready to pay for your rescue. Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law” is the nickname for this statute. This statute was passed in 1995. It says that any driver who willingly bypasses police-enforced barricades and becomes trapped is liable for emergency rescue costs. In other words, Arizona sure believes in ‘paying for your stupidity.’

Don’t Feed Garbage to a Pig

No, you can’t feed garbage to a pig. Yes, you read that correctly. But you must be thinking, why on earth would someone feed garbage to a pig? Sorry, we don’t know that. But if you are desirous to do that, you must obtain a permit. And again, are you looking for a loophole? There is good news for you. You may feed your household garbage to a pig that you raise for your use. The laws in Arizona allow you to do that. This, indeed takes the cake, when it comes to weird laws in Arizona.

Don’t try your career in fortune-telling

Are you trying your career in fortune-telling, palm reading, or palmistry? Arizona’s Avondale is not for you. Here in Avondale, it is illegal to practice hypnotism or to be hypnotized, even if it’s free. Hypnotism is allowed, though, for accredited doctors of medicine or dentistry. It is allowed for teachers as well in a state-accredited college. This weird law is only valid in Avondale. The growing population of witches, wizards, and other similar types of practitioners can still perform freely in other parts of Arizona.

Animals have vehicle rights

Are you riding a horse in Arizona? Then you should follow the regular traffic laws. Arizona residents often ride horses. Again, it’s very common to see animals on the road. That is why Arizona laws afford the same protections and rights to animals just as motor vehicles. This goes the same with donkeys, camels, and any other animal whose back you can place yourself on. Also, a horse-pulled carriage is considered a motor vehicle under Arizona laws. And also it is illegal to spook a horse that someone is riding. This law is definitely among the top five weird laws in Arizona.

Don’t cross-dress

In Tucson, it’s illegal for women to wear pants, and for men to wear women’s dresses. This one is a city-specific law that applies to people who do not dress in a manner ‘of his or her gender.’ You cannot cross-dress in Tucson due to a bizarre and outdated city ordinance. A person can receive a charge for an offense if he or she wears opposite-gender clothes in this city. But don’t worry, it is unlikely that law enforcement officers keep a close eye on this law.

Laws That Are Myths

The myths are stranger than reality. In Arizona’s case, there are lots of websites that claim to list strange Arizona laws, but it eventuates that many of those are only fiction. Here is a list of laws that people say are strange Arizona laws, but are not. 

Don’t hunt a camel in Arizona! It’s Illegal – Is it Really Illegal?

Sometimes there are laws on the books that were once relevant. But gradually they lost relevance over time. There is a story behind this ‘Camels in Arizona’ theory. Long-time back, the military brought camels to Arizona. And there might have been a camel protection law on the books back then. But now there’s no such law. However, you must keep in mind, if you find any camel in Arizona, it is undoubtedly owned by a circus or zoo. If you try to murder someone’s camel, you might face some legal actions against you.

Is it illegal for your donkey to sleep in your bathtub? 

This ‘donkey in the bathtub’ law is another myth. So if you’d like to bathe your donkey in your bathtub and lull him gently to sleep in the tub, throw some pillows, no one is going to stop you. If only this law would have been a reality, then this could have been the top contender among all the weird laws in Arizona.

Is it unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water? 

This is probably Arizona’s biggest urban legend. Everyone just thinks this one is true. But no one seems to be able to come up with the statute. If a person comes to your doorstep and needs refreshment, it would be the right thing to do to allow him or her a drink of water. But, can you imagine a man sentenced to prison for refusing to invite a religious missionary into his home for a glass of water? There are plenty of Arizona laws but there are no laws that make it illegal to refuse a glass of water under Arizona law. 

Is it unlawful for parents to sing nursery rhymes to their children after 8 pm? 

Again it is a myth. But it’s really difficult to tell where, when, or how this myth emanated. ‘Baa, baa, black sheep’ or ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’ are perfectly suitable at any time of the day or night.

Is it illegal to ride a horse up the courthouse steps in Prescott, Arizona? 

This one is another myth and seems to be the most widespread fake law that people believe to be true. This activity might come under laws about public disturbances. But it’s not technically illegal. Another question: If you do ride your horse to the top of those steps, what are you going to do when you get there?

Is it illegal In Globe, Arizona, to play cards with a Native American? 

No, it’s not. It sounds fake and racist.

We had lots of fun researching the weird laws in Arizona and we hope that you found the article equally funny.

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